Private Events

When large celebrations such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries need to be organized our PRIVATE D’VISION offers the highest support in the planning and implementation of your festivity. Enjoy sitting back and dedicate yourself to your guests, while silently in the background, with the precision of a clockwork, we organize your event.
We give a space to your cause and find the castles and places that sparkle for you – with as much power as people who accompany you there. We make it high times for you – beautiful as life deserves. With a sensitive eye for the big things in small things, we take care of the stages of your performance.

You not only benefit from a worldwide network of unique locations and artists, but also from special deals with providers from our closest network, such as hotels, locations, caterers, decoration companies, limousine service, lighting and technology.
We are experienced wedding planner over 20 years.

Let us be the master of your ceremony.