Your event begins with a smile with our hostesses.

Choose from a portfolio of trained promoters and hostesses and give your brand appearance or event a special touch. Whether sports hostesses, multilingual talents or models for the presentation of your products at the entrance, we always provide something suitable for you.

Our hostesses will accompany your event with a sense of what is important and understanding for the specific. Your individual needs in the choice of the clothes is implemented at any time. Whether in a black costume, a Japanese Kimono or long evening dress, we already make your event an unforgettable experience starting with the accreditation.


Our exclusive, top updated address file includes extensive contacts to guests from the fields of business, culture, sports, society and media. We care for targeted guest handling and on-site placement.

Our guests include decision-makers, opinion makers, designers, VIP's, actors, CEOs, managing directors, business people and media contacts. We offer 20.000 top names in the Munich area and invite target groups relevant to your own preferences.

We offer our guests and invitation management in the cities of Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Dusseldorf and Stuttgart.


Due to our lengthy experience in organizing VIP events, film premieres and celebrity galas we have access to a large VIP-file with high-quality personalities from the fields of film, art, fashion, sports, politics, music and high-society.

At your request we can win VIP´s as testimonials, guests or protagonists for your brand appearance or event. Personal contacts with celebrities as well as to the managers of the "big stars" worldwide, facilitate the negotiations and guarantee you an additional presence in all relevant media. Since we do not engage people management, we are not interested in an exclusive marketing of individuals. Our direct and personal contacts with the celebrities allow a simple and open work with direct feedback.

On request, we will gladly give you an insight into the list of our direct, personal contacts with any celebrity. In addition, we can handle any request of every world famous star of the music and film industry.