As the first green German event agency, GREEN D'VISION has its finger on the pulse of the age and has chosen business responsibility over convenience.

Ecological and ethical consciousness is the centre of our philosophy while to connect people, embrace new horizons and respectfully treat resources, processes and service providers is our goal.

Why for instance throw away the carpet laid for just one day when it can bring a smile to a few faces in an orphanage. At every event the wastage in the catering area is enormous. The innumerable amount of food that ends up being thrown away could be a culinary delight for homeless people.

To live consciously is more than just choosing an organic apple.

It is the attentiveness to the fundamental in a global context. It is overcoming bureaucracy, prejudice and ignorance. It creates free space in which the New can evolve. Only then can one speak of good deeds and not just good intentions and become part of a real and valuable history.

At Show D´Vision we choose to be attentive and to be visionary but nonetheless true to life.

As the initiator and director of Weimar Vision, in 2004 I founded the Weimar Vision initiative: a festival of thinking, together with 5 other participants. We think playfully and together about how to create a good future and inspire, empower and strengthen other people to do the same.

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